Pumps Should not be run Dry

Feb 18, 2019 | 1-Min. Read

Erik Nastovski

The most commonly used pumps in PC liquid cooling are DDC and D5. Most centrifugal pumps, including both of these pumps, are designed to be lubricated and cooled by the fluid. While the DDC pump also relies on external cooling, the D5 is entirely cooled by the liquid flowing through it. Additionally, the liquid creates a thin film that fills the gap between the rotor and the bearing. It also helps to center the rotor and enables it to run smooth.

So how exactly does running the pump dry affect the pump? Without fluid lubrication between the ball-shaped ceramic bearing and the rotor, the assembly quickly overheats causing vibration, abrasion, and severe degradation of the pump. This results often in a high-pitched screeching sound, in some cases the rotor can even spin off-center and touch motor housing causing a knocking sound. Damages caused by running the pumps dry can usually be seen very easily upon disassembly, and are not covered by warranty. So, don’t run your precious pumps dry. 🙂