Did you know? – You can use the pump mount on the reservoir

Mar 04, 2019 | 1-Min. Read

Erik Nastovski

Did you know that the EK-RES X3 tubes that are used on every EK reservoir and pump combo unit have the same diameter as the D5 pump? One of the benefits of this is the option to grab the reservoir tube with the pump unit clip . The mounting clip with rubber insert reduces vibration and grabs onto the pump, or tube via the rubber insert, which is squeezed by the outer shell which you can tighten with screws. The unit can then be either mounted directly to a case, or to one of EK’s mounting mechanisms that are screwed into a 120/140mm fan mount.

The upside to having the mounting clip grab onto the reservoir is the ability to run very long reservoir tubes in horizontal alignment, without putting a strain on the primary pump mount or to have it slightly angled due to weight and gravity. With the mounting clips on both ends, you may have a perfectly horizontal long reservoir. Or should you decide to separate the pump and reservoir, you have a perfect reservoir mounting solution.