All EK Manuals on EOL Page

Feb 17, 2020 | 2-Min. Read

Erik Nastovski

In order to make navigating through our webshop and searching for products easier for customers, we’ve decided to remove all EOL (End Of Life) products from search results, as well as categories as these products cannot be purchased anymore.

This does present an issue for owners of products that are no longer available in the webshop because sometimes,  they want to check something that is in the user manual or find a product at some of our resellers based on the product EAN code. With that in mind, we’ve created a page that enables you to search through ALL EK product pages and product manuals. The page is located in the top navigation under the name EOL products.

EoL products manuals EK

This page has a search function, where you type in the name of the product and get a list of matches in a dropdown menu. You can further select the .pdf manual or the full product page. Note that the dropdown menu might have a scroll bar if you typed in a term that has many matches. For example Titan. So be sure to use the scroll function to get to your desired product page or manual.

search EK manuals EoL

Alternatively, you can browse all the manuals and sort it by date of release or by starting letter.

search EK manuals EoL

Please let us know if this system did actually help your navigation through our webshop and webpage, and let us know if there are any changes we should implement.