GamesCom 2016

Aug 23, 2016 | 3-Min. Read

Atila Gobor

The annual gaming event in Germany has ended a few days ago and with all the barrage of information, news, and releases we thought we’d make a recap from the hardware point of view.

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Although Gamescom was very quiet this year because none of the big guys (EA, Ubisoft…) held any sort of press conferences, the show was packed for the entire time and the number of visitors was just out of this world. Despite lacking the game announcements and surprises, there were still plenty of goodies to try and see.



One of the above mentioned goodies was the GamesCom exclusive reveal of three new models of the EK-XLC Predator lineup, on which you can read further here.  EK Water Blocks, Slovenia-based premium computer liquid cooling manufacturer was represented in partnership with MIFcom GmbH , a German premium PC reseller with whom we’ve set up twelve high performing liquid cooled PC systems on display.

The MIFcom booth covered more than 1000 square meters with our liquid cooling systems occupying the central area of the booth. The crowds responded well to our new Predator line , which was put on display for the public. MIFcom also provided us with a valuable daily stage-time interview where important questions about liquid cooling were gladly answered by our team.



7 of our twelve systems used our XLC-Predator solution designed for custom loop performance and fast installation. 5 of the systems were built as a custom loop solutions for aesthetically demanding PC power user.

A build that really stood out from the crowd was one of MIFcom’s Battlebox Systems which was also our favourite. Displaying the best of hard-tubing and boasting the  EK-FB MSI Z170A XPOWER TE Monoblock  enclosed in the Corsair – Carbide Air 540 white ATX case.

We kindly invite you to take a look at EK hardware displayed at GamesCom 2016 in the adjacent gallery below.


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Since GamesCom is a festival event dedicated to gaming more than hardware, visitors had a chance to see pretty much everything the industry has to offer. From exotic booths, delicately crafted cosplay costumes, tons of VR-ready systems and games and ofcourse – given the chance or the willpower to wait in the long queues – try the games out for themselves.



The hardcore overclockers did not miss out the eyecandy at the MIFcom OCaholic  team station. Mike “racoon” Buchroither and Marc “rewarder” Büchel were toying with a new NVIDIA Titan X graphics card and overclocked its GPU to 2113 MHz and its memory to 1425 MHz, which is a rather significant boost. Intel Core i7-6950X CPU was running stable at 5100 MHz and the 32GB of RAM did its job at 1599.7 MHz and CL12 timings.

In order to stably clock the CPU to 5100 MHz it had to be cooled using liquid nitrogen to keep the temperature at around -90°C.



Thanks to everyone that visited us, especially those who were inspired and interested in getting to know liquid cooling better. Stay tuned for more.


See you next year!

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