EK 6-Way D-RGB Splitter and How to Use It

Nov 05, 2019 | 2-Min. Read

Erik Nastovski

This might be pretty straightforward, but to avoid issues we’ve decided to write a little article that explains the EK 6-way D-RGB splitter and how it should be used. This splitter cable is to be used exclusively with D-RGB (addressable RGB) fans via 5V 3-pin connectors. These standardized connectors are used by all motherboard manufacturers and EK has chosen to follow the standards with D-RGB products, as well as splitter cables.

EK D-RGB LED splitter 6-way

The 6-way D-RGB splitter is connected to the motherboard or some other 5V D-RGB source (like an addressable RGB Controller) and the signal is split to 6 outputs allowing you to connect 6 different D-RGB products to one header. Some of the products you can connect using the splitter cable:

  • Fans

  • Water Blocks

  • Pump-reservoir combo units

  • D-RGB (addressable) LED Strips

  • Case D-RGB lighting

What is very important is to make sure to align the arrow on the connector with the 5V on the header.

EK D-RGB LED splitter 6-way

The pinout on the connector is (5V|D|Blocked|Ground). The cable itself is 300mm long, with the split branches being ~135mm. Please refer to the motherboard manufacturer’s manual or Addressable D-RGB controller manufacturer’s manual for LED type compatibility, maximum power load, and maximum allowed LED strip length.

For EK D-RGB product power consumption, refer to the following list: