QR Codes Access Manuals and Save Trees

Apr 28, 2019 | 1-Min. Read

Erik Nastovski

In an effort to help with protecting the environment and using less paper, EK has been packaging newer products without a written manual. The main goal was to save some trees if possible while not skimping on materials for our users, as we think most customers have a smartphone to scan the barcode and get a .pdf manual opened on it.

QR Code on EK product packaging

QR Code on EK product packaging

It is quite simple, some phones get a stock app that does QR scanning. If not, you can get any of the dozens of FREE apps on android store. Just search the Play Store for a QR scanner and pick one with good reviews. After that start the app and scan the QR code found on every EK product box which will then open a .pdf manual for that EK product. Hope this helps people who’ve had trouble finding the manual online!