EK Tree on a PC

Dec 08, 2021 | 2-Min. Read

Katja Korant

Happy holidays from EK!

We want to help you get into the spirit by offering a little DIY gift. While it might not be as complicated as installing your own custom loop, this crafting project is sure to brighten your build!


You’ll need:
-Flat-edged object to crease

Time to make yourself a tree! Enjoy!

      1. Fold the paper diagonally and cut off the remainder.

      2. Open the paper and fold it in the opposite direction.

      3. Open the square of paper and fold it once more, but along the vertical crease.

      4. Fold two opposite diagonal creases in on themselves and then press the paper flat. Your paper should now look like a square.

      5. Fold the edges to form a triangle. Repeat the same on the other side. Put that ruler to work, creasing the edges to make them nice and crisp.

      6. Spread the center folds open and then fold the creased edge in on itself so that the front of your tree is now flat. Repeat on all sides

      7. It’s scissor time! Flip to the front and trim the bottom of your Christmas tree by cutting off the lower part.

      8. Make two cuts along the folded sides of the origami tree.

      9. Fold your new branches down on one side and watch as your Christmas tree takes shape. Your ruler can also help to crease the edges.

      10. After folding down the cuts, spread out the paper folds to view your finished creation!

      11. Show off two of your creations in one photo by placing your new Christmas tree on your PC and snapping a nice pic. If you’d like, share it on any EK social media channels with #TreeOnAPC and spread some holiday cheer with the liquid cooling community! Let’s turn these Christmas trees into a Christmas forest!

    While we specialize in cooling, we hope you stay cozy & warm as you welcome in the New Year. We look forward to seeing you on the other side of 2022!