What is a Full Cover (EK-FC) water block?

Dec 01, 2015 | 1-Min. Read

Atila Gobor

Full Cover blocks are complete graphics cards liquid cooling blocks, designed for die-hard enthusiasts who seek the optimal cooling solution for their graphics card. The main advantage of a Full Cover water block is that it cools all the heat generating components – GPU, RAM IC and VRM (see Glossary) – with a single cooling unit and in a single coolant pass.

FC-Titan-X_NP_fit1_1200   FC-Titan-X_CA_fit_1200

But is the Acrylic Full Cover block shorter than the Acetal one, you may ask.

All Full Cover water blocks from the same product family have the same copper base, thus they cool the same components – GPU, VRM and RAM IC. By definition, a Full Cover is a water block that cools these exact components and has no relation to the size of the cooler.

The different length of cover is just for aesthetic purposes. Long top or short top – the performance is the same.